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March 23, 2017

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What people are saying

I just want share my car pool experience with other. We, 4 persons go from Hunt Club Park to Hull (Portage) everyday. I have been doing car pool for last six years without any break. It’s great. In terms of time it saves almost 50% of bus time. In terms of dollars we four car poolers have saved about $6500 and about 10,000 liters of gas in last 6 years.

Above all we have saved money in monthly parking too as we pay for only one parking spot. Secondly we have saved unaccountable pollution that would have been generated by four cars in last 6 years.

The success of our car pool is punctuality and commitment to drive your days and it is working great. Yes, I strongly encourage people to go ahead and start their car pool.

Rajiv Agarwal


Kindly remove my listing from the "Ride Offered" section of your website. I
have found (via your website) a very suitable person to carpool with. We
have been sharing rides for 4 weeks now and it looks like it will be fairly

Thanks, Mike Mohns


By way of this message, I would like to emphasize the following: in regards to this ongoing uncertainty of a possible public transit stoppage, I would like to inform you that I would still rather carpool to work and back, regardless if there is no strike next week. I can not afford not going to work and as I see it, if I were to carpool with someone who would be able and willing to include me, I would not only feel more secure, but I would also much rather spend my money by sharing gas with whomever would carpool me to work and back.

I hope you will consider my message and that someone will be in a position to assist me. Thank you!

Kind regards,

Conrad Y. Levesque


I love your site, works quite well and seems to be very productive and
positive. In a way I hope OC does go on strike just so you can gauage
the true success of the site. I'm betting it will be.

You might even expand to include Designated Drivers for special holiday
occasions or Birthdays etc.......

Best of luck to you!!!!!! Excellent idea.


I think this site is a great idea. Serves to reduce traffic, emissions and increases the mobility of many people who don't/can't drive. This is a great service and I'm going to link from my personal weblog site.

Keep up the great work!


Patrick Quealey


I really commend you guys for the great site...It's an excellent idea...I will definitely tell people about your site...




Congratulations on your new web site! I wish you long term success!

I am one of those high tech refugees that does not commute on a daily
basis but when I head back to work I'll be signing up on your web site.

- Paul


Just wanted to thank you for this awesome site. I think it will be very helpful for a lot of people.

Thanks again

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